Multi-media show director, Koyama Masami was born in 1952 at Nara city in Japan. He learned Photography at Nippon University of Art.

Since he started working as a leading laser artist, he never stopped to make full use of a diverse rage of light, water, fire and image with music for his show which spins fantastic stories into space. These events led to high praise both in and out of Japan for Koyama and his efforts to expand his creation as Multi-media show spectacles.

He is working on for his World of Dream in Asian countries, since he established his network in Korea and China.


1952Born in Nara.
1976Graduated from Nihon University College of Art(photography course)
1978Graduated from Nihon University College of Art(Laboratory)
1985Joined Ray Corporation, CO., LTD.


1992  Sanriku Ocean's Expo
1993  Water of City-Osaka,Loveland.
1994  Ito Water Fantasy 94
1995  Matsue Water Fantasy
1996  400th Anniversary of Okayama event
1997  97 Bolshoi Circus Opening Event
1998  Himeji Welcome 21
1999  Tsuruga Kirameki Minato Exposition Kirameki Ocean Fantasy
2001  Japan Expo 2001 In Fukushima: Twilight Dream
 Kobe Meriken Park Light Pageant
2003  Sizuoka Construction Celebration Harbor Dream 2003
2005  Expo 2005 Aichi Japan: Nagakute Nippon-Kan Zone 3
 Expo 2005 Aichi Japan: BioLung Symphony – Circulate –
2006  Love and ring Huis Ten Bosch
 Kansai Electric Power Building Light up
2007  Gyeongju World Culture Expo, South Korea
 Kansai Electric Power Building Light up
 Illumination of Higashi Yokobori River
2009  Tokyo Midtown, Midtown Waterworks
2010  The "Sun Tower" Light up Ceremony
 Producer of Osaka Pavilion in Expo 2010 Shanghai China
 Tokyo Midtown, Midtown Waterworks
 Expo 2010 Shanghai China Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion
 Multimedia Show, Nanjing, China